Airtel launches Airtel App Central store – Mobile applications store

airtel appsBharti Airtel, has launched for the first time in India, the Airtel applications store named “Airtel App Central” store.

A one stop shop for applications. Airtel Live introduces India’s first mobile market place. Realizing the growing needs of our ever burgeoning customer base of over 118 million, the App- Central is a first of its kind online venture in India. Covering over 22 categories of applications, the App- Central is a bottomless ocean of applications, where there will be some application for everyone. All you have to do is fish them out with your mobile.

You simply download and purchase applications directly from your phone. Just browse through App-Central, choose your category and from a wide range of applications under the category, pick one that you want.

There are around 1250 apps in about 25 categories that range from gaming, reading, social networking to emailing, books, entertainment, utilities and themes. The user doesn’t need to give any credit card details. Money is either added to their postpaid bills, or charged from the available talk-time in prepaid users. Apps start from as low as Rs. 5 per app to a higher value for many others. These apps are being given away in a wide range of mobile phones, around 550 of them and this would surely be a hit as the way of using it and downloading the apps is easy and fast.

To experience the Airtel App Central, Airtel mobile customers can visit Airtel Live on their mobile phone and browse into App Central or SMS app to 54321 (toll free) to receive the URL.
There are both free and paid apps available, and if you accidentally deleted a paid app, you can re-download it from the store as Airtel saves your purchases.

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