Get Free Windows 8 Media Center License Key & Download Pack with Windows 8 Pro

Microsoft has been kind since the moment it launched the Windows 8 OS for public, as its not just the operating system but a few feature packs that are coming along in very cheap prices or for free along with the OS, but you need to run for it as these are all limited time offers from Microsoft. Earlier we had shared how you could get the Windows 8 for just $13, you can still avail that offer but along with that there is the free availability of Windows 8 Media Center Pack for the users who installed the Windows 8 by purchasing the genuine key for the same.

To get the free key for the Windows 8 Media Center, you need to visit the Feature Packs page.
Here you need to enter the email address where you wish to receive the key, and then the verification code, to find the message as below:

Windows 8 Media Center Pack Key Apply

It usually takes a few minutes to few hours for the key to reach your email inbox. Here is the email copy that we received, and each one of you would receive too.

Windows 8 Media Center Pack Key

Here are the few steps you need to follow to add the Media Center Pack to your Windows 8 Pro OS:
In the top right search box, you need to search for either “Add Feature” or “Add Features”, and below the search box, click on Settings so that the results in settings are shown. You would see 2 options, where the first one would be “Add Features to Windows 8″. Click on that and it would ask you for the permissions through a dialog box, where you need to hit “Yes”.

Add Features Windows 8 Settings

Add Feature Enter License Key

Rest of it is just the installation process, where you would need to select the “I already have a product key” option and in the next screen, enter the license key which you got via email and then the Features Pack would get added to your Windows 8 operating system.

Video Demo

Once done with the installation, the Windows 8 Pro OS would automatically restart and the Media Center would get added to it. This offer is valid from October 26, 2012, until January 31, 2013, and is limited to five licenses per customer per promotion, i.e. you can request for 5 keys to the same email address if you are using multiple PCs and licenses for the Windows 8 Pro OS.
If you wanted to do this on multiple PCs, you can ask for multiple keys for the Media Center pack, and try this trick to Download Windows 8 ISO file to save the Windows 8 installation files to a DVD.

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