iPhone 5 – How to Cut Micro SIM into Nano SIM Card at Home

Iphone 5You are just 5 steps away from the glory of Nano Sim which is supported by the latest Apple iPhone 5 smartphone. So just in case if you have purchased the Apple iPhone 5 unlocked device and wanted to make use of the same, then we will help you out with the same. Full credits to the Team Airportal for coming up with a detailed guide. Though the latest iPhone 5 is notably 18% slimmer, for reducing the thickness of Apple iPhone 5 Apple has used the Nano Sim. So, now there are three types of sim available in the market, Normal Sim, Micro Sim and Nano Sim.

Disclaimer: We should not be held liable or responsible just in case if you damage your Sim, though it’s very unlikely that if you follow all the instructions the sim will be damaged.

So before proceeding, you will be needing few things handy which are mentioned below,

  • A printer
  • A4-sized page
  • Tape
  • Ruler and marker
  • Scissors
  • Sandpaper or file

Procedure to Cut Normal Sim Card into Nano SIM:

  • Print the below mentioned Instruction page on A4 page in 100% scale. Make sure that you are printing on the normal paper and not on a thick paper as it may get difficult for you to cut. (Download PDF).


  • Once you have printed, remove the SIM Card which you wanted to make into the Nano Sim and then place in the designated area as mentioned in the A4 page. Just in case if you have a micro sim then you need to place the sim on its designated area.
  • After placing the sim card firmly, you will have to highlight the outline and ensure that you are aligning the sim card properly with the edges.
  • With the help of a ruler, you will have to mark the lines accurately and then cut the same. Ensure that you are cutting the sim card very carefully or else your sim card may get damaged.
  • Once the sim card is cut, you will need to smooth out the edges of your freshly cut Nano SIM.

While the nano sim culture has been just started by Apple, we just hope that all the service providers come out with the nano sim stock so that the unlocked devices too can sport this nano sim. Do let us know in the comments section just in case if you need any assistance as we will make sure that it’s addressed.


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