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The revolution in 3D entertainment has begun and it’s set to explode in India through a steady growth to 500 % of the present day market. LG Electronics which had 40 % market share in 2011 in 3D TV’s in the budget minded Indian market is aiming at 50 % this year as they announces the launch of the latest series of 3D LCD Televisions.LG Cinema 3D Smart TV

LG Cinema 3D Smart TV

LG Cinema 3D Smart TV is the perfect combination of the 3D technology along with the Nano Full LED TVs delivering the crisp and brightest colors. The newly launched Cinema 3D Smart TVs delivers the clearer, smoother and brighter pictures using the innovating Nano LED panel thereby providing cinematic 3D entertainment at comfort of your home. These smart TVs are with the 3 mode magic motion remote control providing PC mouse like experience with scroll up and down in the menu items wherever needed along with the simple gesture for complex commands and save time.

All new Cinema 3D Smart TV is equipped with Home Dashboard providing improved design and looks and providing more room for customization. What more interesting is that it includes the feature called Skype free video calls so that you talk to beloved ones and live the priceless moments on bigger display. The new improved search lets you search effectively like LG apps/Plex and other premium content thereby enrich your entertainment in broader ways.

Also they have come up with new a 3D glass which is light weighted and don’t need charging as it doesn’t have battery and you can watch it from any angle of the room. The bezels around these smart TVs have been slimmed down to 4.9 mm which is almost negligible.


Various new features have been added and improved in the Cinema 3D Smart TVs and among them are -

2D to 3D: With next gen technology the 2D viewing experience can be easily transformed into amazing 3D content.

Full HD 3D: The new models deliver the full HD 3D viewing with superior depth and smoothness.

Flicker Free 3D: The flickering might effects your experience but Cinema 3D Smart TV are with flicker free and provides brighter 3D pictures.

Dual Play: Unlike the conventional 3D television, the LG Dual Play function enables you and your friend to play video games in full screen together with each one having their individual screen.

2nd Display: With the newly developed feature, you can watch TV programs on your smart phone or tablet PC anywhere of your comfort using the Wi Fi.

Smart Share Plus: Easily browse and share files with the external storage devices, connect smartphone to Wi Fi and provides complete connection to other devices easily than ever.

Premium Content Provider: This card will select and categorize popular and useful content in your country so that you can enjoy whatever you want at whatever point of time.

Simplink: The Simplink allows you to control your LG Blue Ray Disc Player and LG Home Theater along with the other LG devices.

Mobile HD Link: With this smart TV you can watch HD content from your TV’s larger display screen using your HDMI cable and control it with the TV’s Magic Remote and this will also charge your phone while it’s connected.

WiDi: WiDi so called Wireless Display powered by Intel provides easy and fast connection between your TV and laptop without any wires and internet network.

Connectivity: When you TV are called smart TV obviously it would be with easy connectivity options like DLNA, Wi Fi Ready and HDMI connectivity.

LG Cinema 3D Smart TVs are available in more than 5 variants with different form factors making it easier to serve varied consumers on choice.

LG LM 9500 Cinema 3D Smart TV: The LM 9500 Cinema Smart 3D TV is with 72 inches display screen equipped with all the functions as mentioned above. The display screen provides LED Plus picture quality with full HD 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution.

LM9500 3D TV LM9500 3D TV LM9500 3D TV LM9500 3D TV LM9500 3D TV LM9500 3D TV

LG LM 8600 Cinema 3D Smart TV: The LM 8600 3D TV in the Cinema Smart TV ranges from LG is with 55 inches with LED Plus full HD display screen providing 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution. Equipped with all above features it’s the second best in the LG product line.

LM8600 Smart 3D TV LM8600 Smart 3D TV LM8600 Smart 3D TV LM8600 Smart 3D TV LM8600 Smart 3D TV

LG LM 7600 Cinema 3D Smart TV: LM 7600 in the line of Cinema 3D Smart TV comes with various display screen size of 55 inches, 47 inches and 42 inches. All these models are designed with floating feel ribbon stand and equipped with LED Plus full HD display.

LG LM 6700 Cinema 3D Smart TV: LM 6700 Cinema 3D Smart TV are available in 55 inches, 47 inches and 42 inches display screen size and this includes all the above mentioned feature to make it as the perfect Smart TV.

LG LM 6400 Cinema 3D Smart TV: LG LM 6400 TVs are available in 47, 42 and 32 inches display screen and includes most of the important features mentioned above.

LG LM 6690 Cinema 3D Smart TV: The LM 6690 Smart TV too is available in 47 and 42 inches display screen resolution and includes most of the above mentioned features.

LG LM 66200 Cinema 3D Smart LED TV: This series of TVs are available in different form factor of 65 inches, 55, 47, 42 and 32 inches provides full HD picture display quality.

LG LM 3410 Cinema 3D LED TV: LM 3410 LED TV is the starting model in the Cinema 3D LED TVs coming out with 42 and 32 inches variant.

The price of 3D TVs starts from Rs 40,000 and ranges till Rs 7 lakhs for the best 72 inches 3D TV. Right now LG is going through various special promotions called ‘Love Game, Love LG’ to welcome the upcoming 2012 UEFA European Football Championship. These products are available at leading LG retail outlet since May 2012.

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